Custom e-Learning

Have a learning goal? Partner with us to achieve it!

We are known for developing custom e-Learning solutions. We ensure that your trainings are no more boring. We make them more effective with our custom e-Learning solutions. It’s easy to track your learner scores, feedback etc. You can access all these with one click and where ever you are.

Our e-Learning solutions are all about the learner and driven by our experienced instructional designers. Your final courseware will be more meaningful and memorable which solve your specific business challenges and result in a big performance!

"We design and create e-learning solutions for small to large scale organizations of various industry verticals.

We create engaging and interactive learning programs by utilizing streaming video, audio and enable questions and answers as well as employee feedback.

We develop custom e-learning courses using various authoring tools.

These learning courses will be a blend of illustrations, scenarios, games, assessments, employee feedback etc.

These courses are designed based on the learning needs, audience and size of the organization. "

Successful e-learning courses must:

  • Motivate learners to learn

  • Increase the learners focus

  • Create a meaningful learning experience

  • Lead to effective job performance

The bottom line is we want you to see real results. This requires an investment in your learners. We want them to be challenged, to take risks, and to experience consequences all within a safe, online learning environment.

How we do it:

Initial consultation

Design and Development

Testing in all Devices


Project Management