Course conversion

In today's fast growing technology world, e-learning has evolved a lot and so should your courses.

We are experts in converting your existing courses that need to be converted to e-Learning courses with latest technology and future proofing. We have the technical expertise in converting your courses into mobile compatible modules by migrating and redeveloping the content and in making them mobile ready technologies. We make your Course Conversion and LMS Migration projects fast, accurate, affordable and easy. We're not just limited to digital LMS content, we can also migrate learning content from practically any learning source including paper-based courses, class-room trainings, web-pages, and more.

We have experience in working with many open-source and proprietary systems and ensure that no detail is lost during conversion. This means that your migrated course remains remarkably similar sharing the same content, structure, functionality, and even the subtle differences like the look and feel from your original course. We enhance your migrated course in every way by reviewing and tweaking your instructional design to make your course more engaging and modern. We can also add and enhance images, improve the overall look and feel of your course, create interactive components and multi-media where needed, and even integrate new features not previously available in your course.

Our Services include:
  • Conversion of Instructor-Led Classroom training to e-Learning

  • Upgrading your old CBT or online courses

  • Conversion of your courses to mobile friendly formats

  • Making your courses SCORM compliant

  • Conversion of Assignments, Quizzes and Tests

  • Design Interactive games and simulations

  • Modernize your courses with enhanced images and new features