We help you make the right decision

With the increasing demand for learning in every organization, choosing eLearning and a right platform within the organizations budget is quite important. We help you succeed with your organizational learning goals.

Our Services:

Strategy - Define and analyse your eLearning needs

Our goal here is to identify your organization's eLearning needs and build a strategy that suits your learning budget.

What we do :

  • Understand your learning goals

  • Define the needs of your learners

  • Select the right content delivery method

  • Understand your organizational roles and administrative processes

  • Determine how eLearning will integrate with your overall educational strategy

  • Creation of measurable and actionable goals and success metrics"

Design - Expert Instructional design to maximize learning

We help you plan, design, develop, and create course curriculum and materials using instructional design methodologies while meeting both time deadlines and budget requirements.

What we do :

  • Instructional design storyboarding and applications

  • Script writing, content drafting and content analysis

  • Technical framework planning

  • Multi-media scoping and planning"

LMS - Guidance to choose the right LMS for your organization

We help you choose the right platform for eLearning modules and provide support in maintaining and manging your LMS platform.

What we do :

  • LMS vendor evaluation

  • Feature evaluation against requirements and shortlisting

  • Organizational alignments and feasibility

  • Future support and sustainability analysis

  • Content development and migration scoping

  • Course creations for department level in LMS

  • End to end LMS administrative support"

Evaluate - Improve your program for maximum effectiveness

We help you assess and evaluate your existing eLearning program, identify improvement areas, performance gaps and develop critical recommendations to maximize learner success and organizational effectiveness of your eLearning program.

What we do :

  • Analyse learner engagement and document performance metrics

  • eLearning content evaluation and refinement

  • Technology review to identify improvement areas, organizational changes, and strategic impact

  • Development of strategic, detailed improvement plan